Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Collins S-line gear that is available from time to time:

 75S-3 SN 15048  30L1 WE NSN  32S-3 WE SN 12595
 32S-3 RE SN 30410  312-B5 RE SN 39398  KWM-2A RE SN 30093
 75S-1 SN 1661  75S-3B WE SN 15063  32S-3 WE SN 10290
 32S-3 RE SN 100423   32B-5 RE SN 11199  32S-3 RE SN 101423 SOLD
 32S-3 RE SN 30812  312-B5 WE SN 11199  30L-1 RE NSN
 KWM-2A SN 16306   312B-3  312B-4 CONTROL BOXES
 516F-2 POWER SUPPLIES  75S-3C RE SN 30492  75S-3B RE SN 30448
 KWM-2 WE 11631  KWM-2A WE 12053  516F-2 in WE or RE
 NON WORKING KWM-1’S Stock of S-Line Gear