Griffith Quarry - Penryn CA

K2LRC Ham Radio Service


Our Laboratory is completely RF Instrumented for the test and repair of most HF and VHF gear. We do primarily only Collins S-lines including the KWM-2(A) radios. The pictured Lab shows the Test Equipment gear along with other electronic gear to test and document the final results of the equipment that has been repaired.

We have some original new and used replacement parts that we use to get these radios back into operating condition. A sizable stock of tubes augments these parts to be able to optimize the results of the work done. We bill based on the hours spent and the parts used to do the repair. On occasion we will provide an estimate if the ham gear is only in need of alignment but it is very difficult to judge the time that is needed to complete the tasks. Yes, there have been times that it has become uneconomical to repair some of this older gear in part do to the physical condition or damage that the unit has seen.


You can contact;

Peter Wittenberg - K2LRC
1000 ITOW CT
PENRYN, CA 95663-9672

Cell Phone: (443) 994-1438


Best 73’s Peter